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DEFINITY TN788B Voice Conditioner-Refurbished

DEFINITY TN788B Voice Conditioner-Refurbished
CODE: tn788b

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  • The TN788B Multimedia Voice Conditioner circuit pack is used in conjunction with the TN787F/G multimedia interface circuit pack to provide service circuit functionality for the MMCH feature.
    This feature provides both voice and multimedia data service between multimedia complexes (endpoints).
  • Note: The TN788B vintage is µ-Law only. The TN788B vintage 2 or later is A-Law and µ-Law.
  • The TN788B is the audio processor for the Px64 multimedia conference bridge.
  • The TN788B contains 8 digital signal processors; 4 for encoding and 4 for decoding. Each encoder/decoder pair is assigned to a Px64 endpoint to process its audio channel.
  • Connection to and from the endpoint's audio is by way of a TN787F/G multimedia interface port. This connection is through the TDM bus timeslots.
  • Each of the 8 digital signal processors communicate with the main on-board processor through 8 individual Dual Port Random Access Memory (DPRAMs).
  • No Read Only Memory (ROM) is available on this circuit pack; the DPRAM is used for program download.


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