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Avaya Lucent DEFINITY 120A1 or 120a2,3 CSU - REFURBISHED

Avaya Lucent DEFINITY 120A1 or 120a2,3 CSU - REFURBISHED

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CODE: 120a1

Price: $278.00
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  • The 120A channel service unit (CSU) module connects to either a TN464E/F or a TN767D/E DS1 circuit pack on 1 end. The other end connects to the network interface smart jack. The 120A is powered from the +5 VDC port carrier power supply and uses a maximum of 1.2 Watts.
  • In combination with the DS1 circuit pack, it provides the essential functions of external CSUs. The TN464/767 and switch administration support all framing and line coding options.
  • The 120A is small, a little larger than a wallet, is easier to install than an external CSU, and does not require any option switch settings or DS1 cable.
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